GigahomeBB – Bringing Fiber to Communities

Sitco Companies, as usual, is ahead of the curve in technology advances by bringing fiber to rural areas via its new division GigahomeBB.

Growing up on a farm, Sitco Companies President Tom Kolb learned the value of hard work and how to manage resources. After serving in the U.S. military, Tom came back to Indiana and purchased his first company at the age of 22. Ten years later, he sold that company to leverage funds needed to leap into the little-known world of computing — the technology age — before most people had ever heard the term RAM, unless it was etched in the tailgate of a Dodge pickup truck.

In 1982, Tom used his business acumen to identify how computers could make businesses more efficient.  He designed financial and organizational workflows and supporting software, and worked with hosted applications. Over the next 18 years, Tom created communication networks, both local and wide area.

In 2000, Tom sold his computer company to start what is known today as Sitco Wireless — a wireless Internet service provider offering speeds up to 50 times faster than dial up.

With an investment from friend Bill Butterfield in 2006, Sitco Wireless was propelled forward to become Sitco Companies. Sitco Companies purposefully designed and built its data center, the only one of its kind in Southwest Indiana. With the addition of Tom’s son Dan as vice president and chief technology officer, Sitco Companies began a journey today makes it the largest fiber optic location in southwestern Indiana.  Sitco Companies provides businesses of all sizes services normally thought of only in large urban cities —such as data connectivity; data disaster recovery; remote backup; virtual desktops; virtual servers; hosted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP); and cloud based virtual servers, otherwise known as “The Cloud.” Sitco continues to provide its wireless service and has invested heavily to modernize the network every three to four years as technology improves.

Now, Tom and Dan have added yet another layer to their successful information-technology based business — GigahomeBB. GigahomeBB is Sitco’s first venture into the use of fiber in the field rather than just capturing and terminating it as it moves through their hardened bunker. GigahomeBB is ready to deploy fiber optics into the home and business through delivery of Internet, television, and telephone to customers. Fiber transmits e-mails, graphics, video, television programing, and much more at speeds much faster than cable modems. Fiber optic technology is considered the latest generation of technology with a lifetime usefulness estimated to be in the decades, not years. GigahomeBB can provide customers with a gigabit or 1,000 megabits of information traveling via fiber strands to and from the multitude of devices a family or business may use everyday.

The Kolbs have built an honorable business with a team of highly skilled, highly educated technical professionals while positioning itself to assist home and business owners in the rural and urban areas of our region.